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Property Management Services

Effective Property Management Doesn't Cost. . . It Pays!

At Wilson & Associates Real Estate Services, our goal is to help you: maximize your profits, minimize vacancies, protect your investment, and eliminate the stresses and risks of property management.


Advertise available properties -- in local newspaper, Swap Sheet, Realtors, the Internet (Military Rental Site), property signage, special rental section on our website.

Carefully screen tenants through researching and verifying prior and current landlords, employers, credit bureaus and criminal background checks.


 We maintain a superior control over maintenance and repair costs.

We Only allow reputable/qualified repair companies to work on properties.

We solicit competitive bids on major repairs.

We specialize in maintaining and servicing your property as if it where our own.


Collection of monthly rents when due.

Payment of all agreed expenses on time.

Original invoices included with monthly statements.

Checks and monthly statements emailed or mailed on or before the 5th of each month (direct deposit available).



During vacancies properties are advertised in all media available to our company.

Written bids sent for prior authorization on all major repairs.

Phone calls or e-mails returned within one business day.


Minimize your aggravation, stress, and personal involvement while maximizing your property's potential.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We handel the stress so you can relax and enjoy your life.

Your Property Management

"Let us take the STRESS
out of Property Management"

We'll Help You:
"Maximize Your Profits"
"Protect Your Investment!"


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